Browserflow Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 15, 2021

Hi! If you're looking at this privacy policy, that means you care about your privacy. We're glad you do. You can read about the principles we use to prioritize user privacy in my products.

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Information collected and why

  • Account information

    Your email and name is used to identify your account and personalize your experience.

  • Extension usage data

    Data used by Browserflow (e.g. your flows) is stored in the cloud so you have access on any computer. Extension usage and interaction data is used to evaluate and improve product features.

  • Extension error data

    Diagnostic data about your system (e.g. device, operating system, browser) is reported when Browserflow encounters an error to help identify and fix issues.

Information not collected

  • Browsing history

    That's none of Browserflow's business.

  • Data collected by flows

    If a flow is run locally (i.e. not using Browserflow Cloud), the output of flows (e.g. data extracted from websites) is processed locally and are not sent to Browserflow's servers.

Third-party services

Browserflow uses third-party services to provide its service:

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